Wednesday , November 22 2017
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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #98: Metabolomics: Applications in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Insulin Resistance Part 4

Future directions and potential application of metabolite profiling in type 2 diabetes: metabolomics approaches have unmasked a variety of metabolic pathways influenced by T2DM or insulin resistance, moving the field of metabolic physiology beyond a “glucocentric” viewpoint of these conditions. However, a difficulty in interpretation is that the fasting concentration of a metabolite only reflects a single moment in time, and etiology or tissue origins of any metabolite differences across comparator groups requires further validation.

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Are My Joint Issues Due to Being Active, Normal Aging, or Diabetes?

Living with diabetes often leads me to wonder if what I’m experiencing—particularly when it’s an irritated joint or an overuse injury—is a consequence of being a regularly physically active person, getting older, or having diabetes, or some combination of those. Which one of these is causing my joint issues? Is it possible to know? I will attempt to answer these questions based on my deeper dive into the published research.

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