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Lower Diagnosis Standard

Should we lower the A1c to 5.7 for the diagnosis for diabetes and remove prediabetes as a diagnosis, so that we can treat pharmaceutically? Follow the link to share your opinion.

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Adding Prandial Insulin

Your patient has been systematically titrating his basal insulin dose for the last 6 months. His daily dose is NPH .90 U/kg/day. Despite his good efforts, you decide it would be prudent to add a prandial insulin dose to his treatment regimen. Which of the following scenarios might lead you to this conclusion?

A. A1C=7.4%, FPG less than 130 mg/dl, PPG greater than 180 mg/dl
B. A1C=7.0%, FPG less than 130 mg/dl, PPG less than 180 mg/dl
C. A1C=7.0%, FPG less than 120mg/dl, PPG less than 160mg/dl
D. A1C=6.8%, FPG less than 120 mg/dl, PPG less than 160 mg/dl

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Summer Camp Rejuvenation: Hitting the Reset Button

This summer I had the opportunity as a student pharmacist to attend a camp for youth with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and assist as a member of the medical staff. We spent the first few days setting up, going over camp procedures and policies, and preparing for arrival of the campers. This was my first time helping at such an event, and my expectations of how deeply the camp experience would impact the lives of the campers (and myself included!) were greatly exceeded.

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