Friday , February 23 2018
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Minimizing Weight Gain

Test Your Knowledge

A 43-year-old patient with a 2-year history of type 2 diabetes presents to your office for a follow-up visit. She is a highly motivated patient and doesn’t have any significant co-morbidities, so together, you have set a target A1C= 6.5%. Her current medications are metformin and sulfonylurea. Despite her good efforts, her current A1C is 7.3%. You would like to add a third agent to her regimen, however, she is concerned about any additional weight gain as she has gained a few pounds since starting the sulfonylurea. Which drug class would you add to minimize any additional weight gain? A. Basal insulin B. GLP-1 agonist C. Thiazolidine D. DPP-4 Inhibitor

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Bydureon BCise: A New Once-Weekly GLP-1 Agonist

The FDA has approved an auto-injector and new formulation of a once-weekly treatment for type 2 diabetes from AstraZeneca. Bydureon BCise offers a single-dose auto-injector for adults with type 2 diabetes. Bydureon BCise features a unique continuous-release microsphere technology delivery system that provides consistent levels of the product’s active ingredient, exenatide. The new formulation has shown the ability to reduce blood sugar levels alongside weight loss, despite not being a weight loss medication.

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Joel Goldsmith Current Interview

Joel Goldsmith is the Senior Director of Digital Platforms at Abbott Diabetes Care, which is focused on designing, developing, and commercializing software-based products and services that drive trial and sustained utilization of ADC's sensor-based glucose monitoring solutions. He and his team created the FreeStyle Libre system, which comprises a tiny glucose sensor (0.2 inches in length, about the thickness of a hair) inserted through the skin and connected to a small, water resistant, plastic patch on the skin’s surface.

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