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Measuring endothelial function

The endothelium’s functioning is not yet routinely tested. Most of the practical techniques for directly measuring this activity use ultrasound to measure movement of blood in an artery after the flow has been altered either by injecting drugs that would normally dilate it, or by blocking the flow with a …

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Motivation: The Key to a Healthier Lifestyle

As health care professionals we often struggle with the issue of patient compliance. Whether we are trying to instill the concept of carbohydrate choices or achieving regular exercise, it is often difficult for us to motivate our patients to practice what we may be preaching. Perhaps one of the most …

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Viewpoint on Diabetes

Resistance is Futile Two months ago I wrote a Viewpoint (will be reprinted in 2 weeks) about lipid accumulation in places where it ought not to be, such as liver and muscle, and how this can contribute to the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. That article also …

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Insulin’s contribution to obesity

Insulin itself may contribute to obesity. A high first-phase insulin response to intravenous glucose has been shown to be a risk factor for long-term weight gain, and this effect is particularly manifested in insulin-sensitive individuals. 76 Also, compared to normal children, Pima Indian children with elevated fasting insulin gain more …

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Diabetes and vascular disease — a single process?

Each hour, 178 people die from complications set off by diabetes. For 80 percent of these patients the killer is atherosclerosis involving the large blood vessels supplying heart and brain. Patients with diabetes are four times as likely as nondiabetic individuals to die of an MI. With endothelial dysfunction a …

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More Evidence of The Single Disease Process.

Nitric oxide (NO) A diabetic environment high in free radicals and low in antioxidants may disrupt endothelial function. A highly active regulatory organ, the endothelium senses and assesses signals to which it is constantly exposed by the blood, and responds by secreting factors that affect blood vessels’ tone and structure. …

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Got Fat? Exploding Nutrition Myths

Harvard Prof. Walter Willett: “The current dietary pyramid is based on: all ‘complex’ carbohydrates are good, all fats are bad. That view was never supported by any data.” Harvard’s World Health News conducted this interview with Walter Willett, M.D., Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition and Chair of the Department of …

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