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How Sweet It Is: A Look At Sugars and Sweeteners

The use of sugar, sweeteners, and sugar substitutes has often been a topic of hot debate. Until recently, using sugar has been discouraged in diabetic meal planning. Current scientific studies have not supported the necessity of completely abstaining from sugar, and now it’s becoming widely accepted that sugar may be …

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Fats and Cholesterol Omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio

The increased prevalence of diabetes has paralleled a rise in consumption of n-6 (relative to n-3) fatty acids and trans fatty acids found in partially hydrogenated oil. 66-68 Both can change cellular membrane phospholipid composition and decrease fluidity—a state associated with altered insulin receptors, decreased insulin sensitivity, and subsequent insulin …

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Exercise: A Key Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Blood sugar control: Exercise helps to lower blood sugar in two ways. First of all, exercise decreases insulin resistance, the hallmark of type 2 diabetes. Secondly, exercise increases glucose disposal. An exercising muscle simply uses more sugar than a resting muscle. Weight control: Besides burning glucose, exercise burns fat, which …

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Measuring endothelial function

The endothelium’s functioning is not yet routinely tested. Most of the practical techniques for directly measuring this activity use ultrasound to measure movement of blood in an artery after the flow has been altered either by injecting drugs that would normally dilate it, or by blocking the flow with a …

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Motivation: The Key to a Healthier Lifestyle

As health care professionals we often struggle with the issue of patient compliance. Whether we are trying to instill the concept of carbohydrate choices or achieving regular exercise, it is often difficult for us to motivate our patients to practice what we may be preaching. Perhaps one of the most …

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Viewpoint on Diabetes

Resistance is Futile Two months ago I wrote a Viewpoint (will be reprinted in 2 weeks) about lipid accumulation in places where it ought not to be, such as liver and muscle, and how this can contribute to the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. That article also …

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