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Monday , June 18 2018
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TYPE 2 DIABETES AND CHILDREN Part 2 Weight, Metabolism And Self-Esteem Issues In our previous segment I discussed the reasons for the staggering increase in Diabetes in children and why the worse is yet to come. Now I am going to help you help your patients understand why this is …

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Test Your Knowledge Diabetes In Control.com Issue #185

This Week’s Question: Comes from this weeks newsletter Item#2 Combining rosiglitazone, metformin, and insulin aspart improved glucose metabolism in obese type 2 diabetic patients compared with mixed insulin alone, according to the results of a open-label, randomized trial published in the December issue of Diabetes Care. Which of the following …

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Natural Born Killers to the Rescue

The immune system is amazingly complex and only partially understood. The primary job of the immune system, of course, is to rid the body of foreign invaders, be they bacteria, viruses, parasites, or even cancer cells. One of the most enduring mysteries in immunology is how the body learns to …

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Hypertension and Hyperinsulinemia

Hypertension is defined as the sustained elevation of either or both systolic and diastolic blood pressure while at rest. There are several different classifications of hypertension, but the two main categories are primary, also called essential hypertension, and secondary hypertension. The majority of all those diagnosed with hypertension fall under …

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The Seven Percent Solution

When it comes to type 2 diabetes, anyone still arguing that genes are more important than environment, or vice versa, really hasn’t been paying attention. Nature vs. nurture was a lovely debate fifty years ago, but we know now that complex traits like diabetes require inputs from both inside and …

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