Sunday , July 22 2018
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Diabetes and Chemotherapy Neuropathy

We all have patients that end up in Chemotherapy for different Cancers. Did you know some of the newest and best cancer fighting drugs have a side effect of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. A. Lee Dellon, MD shows that the same treatments for diabetic neuropathy will work for these patients.

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Weight Training and Diabetes

The word is out! For people with diabetes, physical activity is a must or as we say in our program, “It’s non-negotiable.” Whether one chooses to increase daily steps in a walking program, bicycling, water aerobics or dancing the benefits are inevitable. Blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol are all better …

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Combination Approaches to Weight Management Part 3

Encouraging regular physical activity is an essential element in the weight loss plan.[28] In addition to enhancing weight loss, physical activity may be a requirement for long-term maintenance of weight loss.[28,29] Everyone can find ways to increase his or her level of physical activity. Although commitment to physical activity enhances …

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