Saturday , July 21 2018
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Step 3: Become Even More Fit (Part 4)


For those of you who have been smart enough to read Dr. Sheri Colberg’s, features, on activity and outcomes, her Other Tips for Optimizing Endurance Training will make a lot of sense. If you wonder why these tips are important, Click here to read this and all of Dr. Colberg’s …

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Coming of Age with Diabetes

This week we are happy to bring you a special feature by Laura Plunkett., BA Psychology. Her book The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes recounts her strategies for raising a healthy child and addresses many of the fears and concerns parents often have. This week she discusses how to address your …

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Nutrigenetic testing: Is it ready for prime-time?

This week Dr. Phil Wood’s article, Nutrigenetic testing: Is it ready for prime-time?, looks at the one goal of modern genetics and medicine is to provide “individualized medicine,” or medical care based on an individual’s genotype. Nutrigenetics is one example of the developing potential for meeting that goal.

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