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Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders and Diabetes

In recent years, there has been increasingly more research performed on the clinical implications of sleep disordered breathing on insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. Carly Hingson, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, Mercer University College of Pharmacy puts it all together in her special report: Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders and Diabetes

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E-Prescribing: Good or Bad?

Pauline Dowe, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, Florida A&M University, looks at the latest trend in medicine, E-Prescribing. Medicare has mandated it and medical professionals seem to either love it or hate it. Read her review of the pluses and minuses and you can decide if it is good or bad.

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Buying Into The Dream

Dave Kliff, Publisher of Diabetes Investor, recently reviewed the last remaining inhaled insulin in development and has some interesting information. It looks like the hardest part of making it work will be who sells it. Make sure you read, Buying Into The Dream

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This Week’s Blog Question Issue 437

Should insurance companies supply clinicians with medication adherence reports? Every time a prescription is filled on an insurance plan there is an electronic record of that fill. Would it be a good idea if clinicians could get monthly reports to verify medication compliance? Let us know how you feel about …

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Candidates Healthcare Proposals

The next president of the United States will be trying to pass legislation that will effect your medical costs and also your patients costs. This week item #4 tries to explain each of their approaches to changing our healthcare system, and since it seems all politicians think that prescription benefits …

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