Wednesday , March 21 2018
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Preteens, teens doubled use of diabetes drugs

A recent article in Pediatrics, discussed how preteens and teens have doubled use of diabetes drugs in the past 4 years and that the prevalence is dramatically higher among young girls vs. boys. Why is this occurring? Why is it higher in girls? This week we have the article for …

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Risks for Drug Induced Pancreatitis

With all the press lately about the incretin mimetics and pancreatitis our current intern, Jennifer Webb, PharmD Candidate, FAMU has taken a look at the facts, and compared the chances of pancreatitis among classes of drugs and how the risk of death from these drugs compare to other things. Find …

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Lifecycle Management Techniques

Every week I see a list of drugs that are going to be available generically but some of them never seem to appear. Elizabeth Brule, PharmD Candidate, University of Florida College of Pharmacy, has done some research as to why that occurs and if you take the time to read …

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