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History of Type 1 Diabetes Treatments

by Huong-Thao Le, 2011 Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate LEECOM, Bradenton, FL The discovery of insulin in 1921 was one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in history. Individuals, mostly children with Type 1 diabetes, whose life expectancies were measured in months were now able to prevent fatal ketoacidosis by taking injections …

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How to Best Manage and Prevent Exercise Low Blood Sugars


If you take insulin or another blood glucose-lowering medication, you are at risk for low blood sugar (usually defined as blood glucose < 65 mg/dl), or hypoglycemia, which can occur during or following physical activity. Low blood sugar can cause trembling, sweating, dizziness, blurred vision, impaired thinking, and even seizures …

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Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

by Jenna Algozzine, Pharm.D. Candidate, University of Florida College of Pharmacy Recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) is often abused in combination with anabolic steroids to increase muscle strength and athletic performance. The illicit use of androgens is seen not only in athletes, but is now being used by a significant …

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Handheld Applications for Diabetes Management

by Janine Manning, PharmD Candidate LECOM School of Pharmacy   New technological advances over the past decade have led to extraordinary changes for those living with diabetes. Technology has allowed us to go from simply writing glucose values on paper to storing this information into glucometers or even using apps …

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Kay’s Naturals Product Review


Dave Joffe, BSPharm, CDE Editor-in-chief Each and every week we try to bring you a product that can either benefit your patients or your practice. Often times this is just a blurb and a link to a website, however at times a new product comes along that Steve or I …

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PRADAXA (DABAGATRAN), A New Anticoagulant for Stroke and Embolism Prevention

Mechanism of Action

By Jennifer Freidman 2011 Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, University of Florida Atrial fibrillation currently affects about 2.2 million Americans. If left untreated it can cause embolism and stroke. The American Heart Association’s current recommendations for stroke prevention include anticoagulation therapy with warfarin being the agent of choice. Warfarin is a drug with a …

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