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Featured Writers


Don’t Let Your Scale Weight Get You Down


  By Sheri Colberg, PhD   Most of the focus of diabetes management and prevention is on losing weight. However, I think that the emphasis on weight loss alone is misguided for several reasons, and we need to find a way to focus on beneficial changes in body composition instead …

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How to Use a Mini Dose of Glucagon (pdf)


When your child with diabetes is sick and cannot keep food down, his or her blood glucose can drop quickly. A small amount of glucagon (a mini-dose) can raise the blood glucose before it becomes too low and requires a call to 911 Click here to download the Mini-Dose Glucagon …

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Achieving and Outperforming Type 2 Diabetes HEDIS Measures

A Guide for Managed Care to Provide Clinicians with Tools to Support the Delivery of Consistent High-Quality Care   Reviewed by Daniel Schultz, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, University of Florida College of Pharmacy     The first presentation focused on HEDIS, a widely used set of measurements of healthcare performance …

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Diabetes and Fasting


  People fast for many reasons: blood tests, surgery or other kind of procedure, or for religious reasons. The Diabetes and Fasting handout will guide your patients who need to fast with some tips for those on oral meds or insulin. Download Diabetes and Fasting (pdf) here     For …

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Diabetes: You Could Be at Risk


From the Diabetes Detection Initiative and Steps to a Healthier US, comes this easy two-page test. Encourage your patients to “Take the Test and Know Your Score.” This simple test can give your patients their risk for diabetes and prediabetes. All they need to do is answer seven quick questions …

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