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DiabetesIQ App


This mobile app is an innovative new way for patients to explore their knowledge of the forms, progression, treatment, and complications of diabetes. Users participate in quizzes with extensive feedback, comparing results with other contestants as they progress through multiple game levels by solving visual puzzles. They can also discover …

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Early Use of Insulin to Improve Beta Cell Preservation


By David Joffe, BSPharm, CDE; Steve Freed, BSPharm CPT; Brandon Flohr, PharmD, and Vanessa Cepero, PharmD, CVS Pharmacy Type 2 diabetes is a heterogeneous disorder, characterized by glucotoxicity, beta cell dysfunction and decreased insulin sensitivity. Presence of amyloid deposits in the islets and decreased beta cell mass are the pathological hallmark …

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Drug Interaction App for iPhone, Android, Laptops, Etc.


MPR Mobile App now offers a Drug Interactions Checker on the Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android platforms. The MPR Drug Interactions Checker includes a database of nearly 7,000 agents with over 3,800 detailed drug-drug, drug-alcohol, drug-food, and drug-herbal interactions. Interactions are classified by severity and also include …

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Humulin-R 500 New Conversion Chart

To help prevent errors when prescribing or dispensing the Humulin-R 500 insulin, this handout will help to determine the correct dosage whether using a tuberculin syringe or an insulin u-100 syringe. Click here to download the Humulin-R 500 Conversion Chart (pdf).     For a complete list of all of …

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