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Drug Interaction App for iPhone, Android, Laptops, Etc.


MPR Mobile App now offers a Drug Interactions Checker on the Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android platforms. The MPR Drug Interactions Checker includes a database of nearly 7,000 agents with over 3,800 detailed drug-drug, drug-alcohol, drug-food, and drug-herbal interactions. Interactions are classified by severity and also include …

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Humulin-R 500 New Conversion Chart

To help prevent errors when prescribing or dispensing the Humulin-R 500 insulin, this handout will help to determine the correct dosage whether using a tuberculin syringe or an insulin u-100 syringe. Click here to download the Humulin-R 500 Conversion Chart (pdf).     For a complete list of all of …

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Insulin Chart (MPR)

This chart, from MPR, lists available insulin products and defines them according to derivation, onset*, peak, and duration** of action. Route of administration is also shown. Click here to download the Insulin Chart (pdf)   (http://www.empr.com/)   For a complete list of all of our popular Tools for Your Practice, just follow …

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The Other Insulin Story of 1921

The year 1921 was an important year as far as insulin was concerned. A dedicated team of scientists led by Banting and Best discovered the hormone which won them the Nobel Prize, offering hope to millions of people with diabetes. The year is still remembered worldwide by people involved in …

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Don’t Let Your Scale Weight Get You Down


  By Sheri Colberg, PhD   Most of the focus of diabetes management and prevention is on losing weight. However, I think that the emphasis on weight loss alone is misguided for several reasons, and we need to find a way to focus on beneficial changes in body composition instead …

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How to Use a Mini Dose of Glucagon (pdf)


When your child with diabetes is sick and cannot keep food down, his or her blood glucose can drop quickly. A small amount of glucagon (a mini-dose) can raise the blood glucose before it becomes too low and requires a call to 911 Click here to download the Mini-Dose Glucagon …

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