Tuesday , September 25 2018
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GLP-1’s Function in Preserving B-cells


Associations between acute glucose lowering and improved acute insulin secretory responses suggest improved β-cell function. Comparing and assessing effects of pharmacological therapies used to control hyperglycemia on β-cell function is necessarily inferential, given lack of any universal measure.1

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A Culture of Obesity? Time to Walk the Walk


  By Sheri Colberg, PhD   In updating a chapter on exercise and diabetes for the American College of Sports Medicine, I came across a recently published article about the benefits of lifestyle modification for diabetes prevention. In this study by Djoussé and colleagues at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital …

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Low Carb Snack List

Introducing … the dLife Healthy, Low Carb Snack List!¬†Snacks can be a double-edged sword for people with diabetes. They may help stave off hunger and overeating, while keeping blood sugar levels from dropping too low. But serious snack attacks can also derail your best efforts to eat healthy and manage …

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DiabetesIQ App


This mobile app is an innovative new way for patients to explore their knowledge of the forms, progression, treatment, and complications of diabetes. Users participate in quizzes with extensive feedback, comparing results with other contestants as they progress through multiple game levels by solving visual puzzles. They can also discover …

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