Monday , August 20 2018
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Featured Writers


GLP-1 and Appetite Suppression

There has been an increased use of GLP-1 analogs in patients with diabetes over the past two years as the advent of daily dosing has made medication adherence simpler and more clinicians are comfortable with the available choices.

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Heart Disease and Diabetes Guide


From dLife comes a guide (in pdf format) that can help your patients better understand how diabetes can cause cardiovascular disease. Can your patients answer the question: What percent of patients with diabetes are affected by cardiovascular complications?

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How Type 1 Diabetes Makes You Stronger

Welcometo T1

  New website for your patients with type 1 diabetes featuring engaging and inspiring videos about type 1 diabetes. Recently, the website Welcome to Type 1 posted an entertaining and thought-provoking three-minute video to answer the question, “How could getting type 1 make you stronger?” The creators, Dr. Jonathan White …

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Bydureon Mixing Instructions

The mixing of the Bydureon weekly injection may be confusing for some, so we are providing you with some of the information distributed in Europe. Click here for the Bydureon Mixing Instructions (pdf) For a complete list of all of our popular Tools for Your Practice, just follow this link.

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