Monday , February 19 2018
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Disasters Averted

Disasters Averted are stories submitted by our readers and medical editors from direct experience in the field. Do you have a story? If your story is used, we will send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Submissions can be anonymous.

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Avandia, Not Coumadin — Coumadin, Not Avandia


From our partners at ISMP (Institute for Safe Medication Practices) – Last week the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notified health professionals about their determination that recent data for rosiglitazone-containing drugs, such as Avandia, combination products (Avandaryl [rosiglitazone and glimepiride] and Avandamet [rosiglitazone and metformin]), and generics, do not show an increased …

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Influenza Vaccine – Shake Well!


From our partners at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices – This is the season where we recommend that patients with diabetes get vaccinated for the flu virus. Patients can usually get the flu vaccine at their doctor’s office, clinics, and even at drug stores. But both patients and medical …

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