Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Information on the newest products for the care of patients with diabetes, from electronics to software and other products that have everything and anything to do with diabetes.

New Product: Introducing 3 mL of Humulin N in a Smaller Vial*


Introducing 3 mL of Humulin N in a Smaller Vial Lilly introduces smaller vials containing 3 mL of insulin in a 5 mL vial. The smaller vials are designed to give hospitals flexibility when evaluating insulin storage and distribution (floor stock vs individual patient supply). Same bar-coding technique, same color-differentiating …

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Lose It! Phone App


Lose It! Phone App The Lose It! Phone App is one of the most highly rated free apps for helping your patients get to their weight goals. This app — available for iPhone, Blackberry and Droid devices — is actually being used by St. Joseph Healthcare Diabetes Institute of Behavioral Medicine …

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Dr. Chrono EMR


DrChrono.com DrChrono.com is pairing its web-based practice management platform with a native iPad EMR system and Clinical Toolkit to enable physicians to provide cutting edge service at the point of care. DrChrono.com      

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iRefill by Telemanager Technologies


iRefill by Telemanager Technologies Download this app for your iPhone, iPad or iTouch and you can order your refills from your pharmacy and receive a text when the prescription is ready. Blackberry and Droid apps are on the way.

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New Product: OneTouch® Delica™ Lancing System


OneTouch® Delica™ Lancing System LifeScan has introduced the new OneTouch® Delica™ Lancing System. Now available, it is designed to provide more comfortable blood glucose testing and features a 33 gauge lancet that is 40% thinner than current industry standard 28 gauge lancets. It precisely guides the lancet in a swift, …

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Product Spotlight Annual Edition


2010 Product Spotlight Our once-a-year special edition of Product Spotlight is now available. Follow this link to the 2010 Product Spotlight to check out the latest products advancing diabetes care.

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The BodyMedia® FIT System


The BodyMedia® FIT System The BodyMedia® FIT System measures calories and activity throughout the day. That includes time at the gym or exercise class, but it also counts the calories burned while shopping, playing with the kids, doing household chores, and sitting at the movies. In other words you measuring your life! …

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V-Go Disposable Insulin Pump Patch for Type 2’s


  The V-G® is a simple-to-use, once-daily, disposable insulin delivery device that provides a preset basal rate and on-demand bolus dosing for mealtime coverage via a mealtime insulin. The V-Go enables millions suffering from type 2 diabetes to conveniently and discreetly deliver insulin throughout the day, bolus dosing on-demand around …

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