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Avoiding Fraud and Waste with Diabetic Therapeutic Footwear

Criteria for a diabetic patient’s therapeutic footwear. Since 1993 Medicare has covered therapeutic shoes for diabetic patients. Within 5 years of the benefit’s availability, a report from the Office of the Inspector General of the United States found that 57% of paid claims had missing or inadequate documentation, while an …

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To Prevent Diabetes, One-Size-Fits-All Won’t Work

Groups of adults at risk for diabetes harbor different perceptions of the disease, say NYU researchers…. “We found that there are differences in the perceptions of those who are at risk for diabetes that depend on the specific characteristics that place them at risk,” says Shiela Strauss, associate professor of …

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CGMS Reveals Risk of Larger Babies

Fluctuating glucose levels in diabetic pregnant women, revealed through continuous glucose monitoring, is associated with bigger babies… Achieving better glucose control in pregnant women with diabetes by using continuous glucose monitoring may help them give birth to healthier children, new research from the University of Leeds says. Up to 50% …

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Can Exercise Make Up for a Poor Diet?

According to an editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, even though physical activity is important for health, a healthy diet is essential for weight loss, and regular exercise will not make up for a poor diet… Many public health messages encourage the belief that obesity is entirely …

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Summary of Standards of Care for Diabetes for Primary Care

An abridged version of the 2015 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes has been produced for primary care physicians… Researchers from the American Diabetes Association (ADA), together with the ADA Primary Care Advisory Group (PCAG), produced an abridged version of the 2015 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, specifically focusing …

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