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Gastric Bypass Surgery Increases Energy Expenditure During Food Intake

Researchers seek explanation for sustained weight loss after procedure… The mechanism that causes long-term weight loss with gastric bypass surgery is currently unclear. Reduced caloric intake does not provide the entire explanation for why gastric bypass patients maintain long-term weight loss. Previous studies suggests that enhanced energy expenditure might play ...

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Effect of Glargine on Recovery of Patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Therapy change decreased recovery time, incidence of hypoglycemia and hypokalemia… Diabetes ketoacidosis is an emergency situation caused by acute high blood glucose concentration, which may be correlated with both type 1 and 2 diabetes. The current treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis is injection of rapid-acting regular insulin. The preferred protocol is ...

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Difference in Treatment Satisfaction Between Long- versus Intermediate-Acting Basal Insulin in Combination with Oral Antidiabetic Agents

New research has suggested medication combination can optimize patients’ quality of life… Neural protamine Hagedorn (NPH) is an intermediate insulin that reduces blood glucose levels. Its peak in activity is at 4-6 hours after administration and duration of action is between 12-16 hours. Glargine duration of action is prolonged to ...

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T2D Better Diagnosed Using One-Hour Post-Load Hyperglycemia

Study shows that impaired fasting glucose is less accurate diagnostic tool…   Patients with normal glucose tolerance (NGT) and 1-hour post-load plasma glucose level of ≥155 mg/dl have a higher cardio-metabolic risk profile compared to patients with NGT and impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), according to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology ...

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TeamNovoNordisk Rider interviews


KEVIN DE MESMAEKER 1. What does your morning include before a race? What do you eat for breakfast all the way until race start? I wake up and immediately check my blood sugar. Then I take my medication and usually go to breakfast. At breakfast, I like to eat oatmeal ...

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Consumption of Saturated Fats Shows No Significant Risk of Mortality

Inconclusive evidence continues to ping-pong back and forth about whether or not saturated fats have health risks associated with them… A recent synthesis of observational evidence was published in BMJ after scouring through previously published literature in healthy adults. As a systematic review, this study sought to evaluate associations between ...

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