Wednesday , May 23 2018
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Clinical Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations that you can use for your own presentations. All presentations are created by Medical professionals in diabetes care.

Diabetes Update, Part 3 of 3


  In this week’s series of Homerun Slides, we review the insulin analogs, the principles of insulin therapy, some of the CGM (Constant Glucose Monitoring) devices available, and talk a little about the newer therapies available as well….

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Diabetes Update, Part 2 of 3


  In this week’s Homerun Slides series, we go over why there is so much interest in the relatively new class of drugs known as incretins, and also talk about why insulin is used for type 2 diabetes and some of the potential barriers to this use.

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Diabetes Update, Part 1 of 3


  In this week’s Homerun Slides, we have an update on the state of diabetes in the U.S, courtesy of the Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Wayne State University Medical School, in Detroit, Michigan. This is a great overview to either share with your colleagues or even show your patients …

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