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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #168: Molecular Genetics of Type 1 Diabetes Part 5

Linkage studies identify regions of the genome that are shared more frequently than would be expected by chance by relatives affected by a particular disease. Most studies analyze affected sibling pairs and utilize genetic markers that are scattered throughout the genome at moderate density, typically microsatellites. A significant excess of allele sharing identical by-descent (IBD) in affected sibpairs suggests that the region containing the marker locus also contains a disease susceptibility locus. The first linkage scan for T1DM identified 20 chromosomal regions with suggestive evidence of linkage to disease, including the HLA and INS gene regions.

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Jeffrey Emmick 2018 Transcript

To see this interview in full, click here. Pape:  Hi. I’m Joy Pape with Diabetes in Control. And we’re here today, at the ADA 2018 Scientific Session. I’m happy to introduce you all to Dr. Jeff Emmick, Vice President of Product Development at Lilly Diabetes. Emmick:  Hi, Joy. Pape:  Hi. …

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