Thursday , December 14 2017
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Travel: When Should You Not Avoid Pain?

I traveled to Europe, a continent with a lot of history and cobblestone streets. I was aware of the amount of walking I was going to do and reminded myself of what we teach, or should be teaching, our patients: Do not travel with new shoes only. Always bring a pair of tried and true. And when you do buy new shoes, buy them later in the day, make sure they fit well, and break them in before wearing for long periods at a time. Wear them about a half hour a day, then slowly increase the time you wear your shoes to avoid foot problems.

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Insulin Pens Vs. Vial and Syringe?

You have decided that one of your patients, a 72-year-old, should add a basal insulin dose to her antihyperglycemic regimen. During your discussion with her, she voices concern that between her “arthritic hands and poor vision” she won’t be able to accomplish this. You make the recommendation that using an insulin pen will make injection easier for her. Which of the following statements regarding insulin pens is true? A. They all require loading with an insulin cartridge. B. They have more accurate dosing than syringes. C. They can now dose insulin in .10 units increments. D. They are now available for all types of insulin. Follow the link for the answer.

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