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Quality of Life Improves for Type 2 Diabetes Patients on Low-carb Diet

Oct 17, 2014

A new follow up study looked at a previous clinical trial in patients with type 2 diabetes. The initial study was conducted with 61 subjects with diabetes. The patients were randomized either to a low-carbohydrate diet or a low-fat diet, both with a caloric content of 1600 kcal for women or 1800kcal for men. Both diet-groups reduced weight equally but the effect on blood glucose was better in the low-carbohydrate group. After 12 months, the low-carbohydrate group reported improved physical function, bodily pain and general health. No significant improvements were seen in the low fat group, despite weight loss. There were also no adverse effects found on mental health in the low-carb study group, which was found in an earlier study. To note, the patients in both groups reported difficulties adhering to their diet when they ate outside of their homes and if all family members did not follow the same diet. Those in the low carb arm expressed difficulty refraining from potatoes and pasta. The low-fat arm reported theirs to be less expensive and tasty. The low-carb group felt less hungry and a disappearance of their appetite for sweets. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Oct 2014