Oct 11, 2013

National Library of Medicine
Free iOS and Android


PubMed for Handhelds (PubMed4Hh) is an app for discovering relevant health information at the National Library of Medicine. Journal abstracts, TBLs ("the bottom line" summaries) and full text articles (requires subscription to journals) can be accessed anywhere the Internet is available.

It features:

  • PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome): search with a well-formulated clinical query
  • askMEDLINE: a free-text, natural language search
  • Consensus Abstracts: finding and selecting concurring abstracts from independent, validated research and viewing selected TBLs and Abstracts in one page
  • BabelMeSH: search PubMed MEDLINE in 13 languages
  • CQs: Clinical Queries
  • Archive: for search results
  • Retrieved citations may be sent by e-mail from any of the featured tools
  • Compatible with iOS 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

Not much feedback so far but this could be a nice addition to the suite of PubMed software programs and applications being made available.

PubMed4Hh icon(iOS)

PubMed4Hh (Android)