Procedure Tracker

Apr 9, 2013

Shanti Bansal, MD

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Track all medical procedures for any specialty. This is an application to assist medical professionals to track and log their procedures. It is perfect for the professional on the run who want to keep track of their procedures. This is well suited for students to attendings.


  • In-built database of a dozen specialties that you can choose from including internal medicine, electrophysiology, emergency medicine, gasteroenterology, heme/onc, interventional/peripheral cardiology, nephrology, pediatrics, pulmonary, rheumatology.
  • Enter in patient and procedure information in less than thirty seconds.
  • Review procedural data including patient medical record number, procedure performed, date of procedure, hospital, attending, age, complications, and notes.
  • Keep careful notes of findings and complications.
  • Search data by medical record number or date of procedure.
  • Monitor the totals of all procedures performed.
  • Customize the application to hospitals you work at and with various attendings.
  • Add custom specialties and procedures.
  • Synchronize data with our online database at
  • HIPAA compliant application.
  • Bring you procedure log alive!.
  • Visit us at our website at

Note: no longer available in iOS

Procedure Tracker Android