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PreTest Self Assessment

Aug 29, 2013

gWhiz Education
Free for starter pack, $29.99 per topic after iOS/Android 

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From the experts in textbook publishing at McGraw-Hill comes this app designed for medical students. The PreTest Self-Assessment and Review includes questions and detailed answers covering the major topics included in the USMLE and medical boards. The starter pack app includes 25 free questions in each of the major topics and is expandable to hundreds more through in-app purchases. Topics include Biochemistry & Genetics, Pediatrics, Medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery, Neurology, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, and Physical Diagnosis.

Randomly generated questions from all categories within a topic can be generated and areas of weakness can be targeted by focusing on a specific category. Need a more intensive review in, say, Psychiatry? Then download the complete set of 500 or more board-style questions and answers with detailed explanations by making an in-app purchase of $29.99 for that topic.

The app also allows users to flag questions as they go, thus allowing for easier review of problem areas. Users can even create a quiz composed solely of these flagged questions. Detailed analytics allows users to review their quiz history and statistics like their weekly progress. Users will also discover their category strength and weaknesses. By offering a rigorous review of key concepts and facts, this app gives users the knowledge they need to master the USMLE and medical boards and begin rewarding professional careers.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

Reviewers of both Android and iOS versions seem to be pleased with the app with high approval ratings. The price is high but for medical students paying hundreds of dollars already for courses, probably worth it.

PreTest Self Assessment (iOS)

PreTest Self Assessment (Android)