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Pregnant Women Exposed to Magnetic Fields Risk Obese Children

Aug 3, 2012

Microwave ovens and other appliances may be increasing the odds that your child will be overweight or obese later, a new study said. According to researchers, magnetic fields from these appliances during pregnancy can increase risk of the baby growing up to be overweight or obese by almost 69%. These findings indicate that electromagnetic fields, from microwave ovens to countless wireless devices, may be contributing to childhood obesity risk. Mothers participating in the study carried a meter that measured the magnetic field that they were being exposed to during the pregnancy. The researchers then studied growth of some 733 babies born to these mothers. Researchers tracked every child in the study group for almost 11 years. During this period, researchers collected height and weight measurements. Researchers found that low to medium exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) was associated with about 50% increase in obesity risk while a high EMF exposure lead to an increase in obesity rates by about 84%. Scientific Reports Aug. 2012