Feb 11, 2014

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Stay current with the latest medical and practice management news, anytime, anywhere with the PracticeWire mobile app. Turn your down time into research review time without turning on your computer. A staff of medical editors works with respected sources to bring you the most timely medical news and practice management insights.

Just like your digital screen, PracticeWire Mobile features:

  • PhysicianWire – The latest medical research from today’s leading publications
  • StaffWire – Expert advice on everything from correct coding to patient email
  • Breaking News – The latest health news patients and staff are talking about
  • Health Alert – Product safety recalls and FDA-issued boxed warnings for drug labels

Also on PracticeWire Mobile

  • Important OSHA and HIPAA compliance updates for your practice
  • Reviews of the latest standards of care
  • Insights on managing your office
  • Peer-reviewed, evidence-based content authored by leading experts
  • Reporting on new office management tools and technologies


  • Succinct headlines of the latest medical news covering multiple specialty areas
  • One-click access to summaries of articles that interest you
  • A fast, easy way to email links to associates, your staff, your patients or even yourself
  • One-click favorite functionality to save articles to reference or read later
  • Quick reference to saved favorites to share with colleagues or patients anytime
  • Easy-to-scan tips on the latest in practice management
  • Quick and easy way to find articles seen on your in-office PracticeWire screen
  • Access to recent articles even when you don’t have connectivity
  • Email sharing of articles without leaving the application

To download, just follow this link:

PracticeWire icon (iOS)