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Power 20 Full Body

May 8, 2013

iOS and Android/Free

Power20 Power20-b

Power 20 is a new app you can recommend for your patients. It includes a series of carefully curated, intense and effective workouts. The developers emphasize design and usability to deliver safe, tested and effective exercise combinations. These are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that use plyometric exercises. Each workout enhances strength, endurance, balance, and muscle tone. 

This is the free version of the Power 20 Full Body Workout. Have your patients try this version first before moving on to the full version.

  • Guides patients through 20-minute, full-body workouts
  • Improves strength, balance, and muscle tone
  • No equipment necessary
  • Listen to their own music while using it

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

The developers have posted great feedback from reviewers on both the iTunes and Google Play sites. And overall, the app does seem to have garnered universal approval. There are several Youtube reviews as well.

Power 20 Android

Power 20 icon(iOS)