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Physicians Practice

May 1, 2013

UBM Medica, LLC


The Physicians Practice magazine is now available in iOS format for iPads only. For nearly 25 years, medical practices across the U.S. have turned to Physicians Practice for practical, proven solutions to the "real-world" concerns their businesses face. Now, the answers to your most challenging practice management questions are at your fingertips with the new iPad app. The app will deliver quarterly issues, combining popular topics with exclusive, multi-media features including: high resolution images and diagrams; podcasts and videos from leading practice management experts; interactive graphics that provide greater insight to exclusive survey data; and personalized tools and calculators.


Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

This app is too new on the scene for any substantive feedback yet. The magazine itself has been around for a while though so we can probably expect the same level of quality information. One note: although the app is "Free" you will need to sign-up for the free subscription on their website.

Physicians Practice icon (iOS)