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Pharmacist’s Letter

Aug 18, 2012

Therapeutic Research Center, Inc.
Android and iOS
$115 Minimum 
Annual Subscription


The Pharmacist’s Letter App gives you…

  • Time-saving, concise recommendations and analyses that help you provide the best patient care, and avoid wading through hundreds of pages of journals and other information
  • All the information you need to anticipate and answer even the trickiest question from patients and prescribers including Detail-Documents, Patient Handouts, Drug/Dosage Comparison Charts, and Treatment Guidelines
  • CE credits from CE-in-the-Letter
  • Answers anytime, anywhere even without an internet connection

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: If you are a regular subscriber to Pharmacist’s Letter and you would like to keep up on the latest in pharmacy news via your mobile, then this app makes perfect sense. Some minor bugs that seem to have been worked out.

Pharmacist’s Letter® (iOS)

Pharmacist’s Letter (Android)