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People Dying from Diabetes Unaware They Had Diabetes

Sep 14, 2012

People who don’t know they have type 1 diabetes may account for a surprising number of deaths from ketoacidosis, a new study says. Nearly a third of people who died over a six-year period from diabetic ketoacidosis, had no known history of diabetes, the study of autopsy results found. Researchers looked at 20,406 autopsies and found 107 people who had died from diabetic ketoacidosis, although only 92 had data available for further review. Out of the 92 cases, 60 people had been previously diagnosed with diabetes, while 32 had not. Nearly half of those who died with no history of diabetes were in their 40s. The researchers also found that 84% of these cases were men, and 53% were African-American. American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Sept 2012.