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Patrick Mooney, MD, CEO, Echo Therapeutics, Q1 Symphony tCGM System

Jul 13, 2012

Dr. Mooney gives a detailed overview of how the revolutionary Symphony CGM system works, without needles or intrusive sensors, with a live demostration of someone using the device.

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Patrick Mooney, MD, is the chairman and CEO of Echo Therapeutics and a surgeon by training. He did his surgical residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia after which he left medicine and began working on Wall Street as a securities analyst covering biotechnology companies. He later left Wall Street to run another biotechnology company, and then joined Echo Therapeutics in 2007.

Echo uses a technology that came out of Dr. Robert Langer’s lab at MIT. Dr. Langer invented a device which permeates the skin without needing a needle to penetrate the protective barrier formed by the skin. The device creates a portal into the body to deliver drugs topically or extract analytes, and Echo used this system to create a glucose biosensor, the Symphony tCGM System, to read continuously without the use of a needle.