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Patient’s Careful Documentation Saves Her Time and Money in the ER

Jan 12, 2014

One of my patients had a serious head injury from a fall which resulted in an unconscious period of time when on vacation. She spent five days in a hospital neuro unit during recovery. She had a list of all her medications, medical history (brief), and latest lab work including liver function with her. She also had her A1c results, FBS and blood chemistry which had been done about six weeks prior to the fall. This information saved a significant amount of time for us in tracking down medications as well as money in duplicate lab work.

Knowing the medications and blood glucose history helped differentiate the cause of the fall as an accident rather than low blood glucose. The patient had a complete recovery despite having had a subarachnoid bleed, fractures of the left eye orbit, nose and right wrist as a result of the fall.

Lesson Learned:

Have your patients keep their current medications and medical conditions in a simple format with them at all times. And don’t just tell your patients to have this document, do it for them, and then give them this to hold on to.

From “GD,” CDE

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