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Oral Insulin (ORMD-0801) Close to Reality

Dec 20, 2019

Author: Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE

An interview with Oramed Pharmaceuticals CEO and Principal Investigatorabout a Phase 2b study of its oral insulin and the latest clinical results.

This is an exciting time with many new treatments and devices becoming available for treating diabetes.

The first major treatment for diabetes took place over 107 years ago with the discovery of insulin. Then by chance in 1942, Marcel J. Janbon discovered the antidiabetic effects of sulfonylurea. Then it took us more than 50 years, until 1995, for the second drug to be approved for type 2 diabetes, metformin. Today, there are many possible combinations to treat type 2 diabetes.
Now, we may have another new drug -- or is it new? A Phase 2b study in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) was completed for what looks likely to be the first oral form of insulin (ORMD-0801), and Diabetes in Control (DIC) had the opportunity to interview and discuss the results with the developing company, Oramed Pharmaceuticals’, CEO Nadav Kidron and Dr. Joel Neutel, Principal Investigator of the study....

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Oral Insulin (ORMD-0801) Close to Reality
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