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OmniPod(tm)Insulin Management System

Apr 12, 2005

A ground-breaking innovation in diabetes care Last Friday I had the unique opportunity to visit the Insulet Corporation, in Bedford, Massachusetts. They are a company focused on designing and manufacturing innovative diabetes devices. When Shawna Gvazdauskas, Vice President of Sales first invited me, I was somewhat hesitant to add another day to my week out of town but I wanted to see what they were doing. I had heard that this was a pump that stuck to your body and there was no tubing, but what did that mean? I arrived there figuring I would see the same faces from every other publication and that we would be shown some non-working mock up of another product that would “revolutionize diabetes care”.

My original thoughts could not have been further from the truth. I was the only press representative there, and other than Dr. Howard Wolpert, who is the Director of the Joslin Insulin Pump Program and a member of the Insulet Medical Advisory Board, the only medical professional who doesn’t work for the company. Who were the rest of the attendees? They were all from the financial world, analysts and advisors specializing in Diabetes products. The product wasn’t a mock up. It was real, in fact since they received 510(k)clearance from the FDA in January they have been manufacturing the product(we toured the facility)and expect to start delivery later this year. The product is called the OmniPod(tm)Insulin Management System and truly is a ground-breaking innovation in diabetes care. Please check out this week’s new product to get the first look at the new OmniPod(tm) and next week we will have a full feature on this amazing device.