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October 17, 2015

Oct 16, 2015

daveLast Friday, I had my six interns gather at a local restaurant for an insulin sit-down. We ran some scenarios for converting patients from basal insulin to mixed insulins, and for adding mealtime insulins. As they were offering their answers, it became very apparent that they were not well-versed in the duration, peaks and effects of the 11 different insulins currently available.

As a result of their collective knowledge deficit, we had them go back and build a comprehensive list with all the details you would need to make the right insulin dosing decisions. Click here to become an insulin expert. (Remember, this and our other “Tools for Your Practice,” are now subscriber-exclusive to reward our loyal readers. In order to access this content, you will need to register your subscription email  on the new website.)

Another way to help manage glucose would be increasing natural hormones that control glucose levels. There is new evidence that using a certain probiotic will increase insulin and GLP-1 levels, thereby reducing glucose levels. Read Item #8 to see which probiotic it is.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief