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Oct. 6, 2018

Oct 6, 2018

Last Saturday I did a CE presentation to the Florida Consultant Pharmacy Association. They are the pharmacists that take care of our older patients who are in assisted living and nursing home facilities. The CE was part of morning of Dementia and Alzheimer’s education. My program Diabetes Care and Dementia, Alzheimers, and Memory Loss, looked at the relationship between diabetes and dementia, and how these two somewhat distinct diseases actually had a lot in common, and how each of these diseases had a negative effect on each other.

In the CE I presented 10 well respected studies on the relationship of diabetes to dementia, and this week our LECOM Pharm D. Candidate, Clark Powell, shares another one looking at the effect of poorly managed A!c levels in Type 1 patients and increased risk of developing dementia.


We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe