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Oct. 20, 2018

Oct 20, 2018

Over the years we have had many articles, features and interviews on medications and how good they are and how combination and/or long acting products seem to have better outcomes. In addition, when pharma companies compare their drugs to others they are often looking for “best in class” designation, and this is based on patents taking their medications every day. I wonder, if a particular medication lowers BG levels 10% more than another drug in the same class and the patient only takes it 6 days a week, does that negate the best in class value?

Since we know patient persistence is important with diabetes medications, the easier we can make it for our patients the better it is. This is why the weekly GLP-1 Analogs serve our patients well.

This week our Pharm D intern, Angela Reyes, has the results of a study comparing daily and weekly GLP-1 analogs for improving patient outcomes.



We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe