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Oct. 15, 2016

Oct 15, 2016


I am sure you have heard of the driverless Uber cars that will shortly populate the highways delivering food, passengers, and most likely, Amazon packages. This morning I heard that long haul trucks will run on the same autopilot system, except there will be a driver in the cab for when the system can’t handle the narrow streets or road hazards that may be out there.

Just as we are making great strides in driverless cars, we have been making strides in programs and devices to manage diabetes; sometimes you need a lot of help, and sometimes you almost don’t. We have a new product from Johnson and Johnson, the “OneTouch Via,” a new delivery device that has almost no technology, but allows a patient to not use syringes or pens. And we have a great feature on the new Medtronic 670G hybrid that can manage your patient’s glucose automatically most of the time. Be sure to read these two articles and see if you would trust a glucose management device as well as a driverless Uber car.



We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief