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Nov. 29, 2016

Nov 29, 2016

daveEach and every week, we try to bring you the best in diabetes care in our clinical newsletter. However, no matter how much education we give a patient or how great the new drugs are, if a patient can’t afford the medicines they need then they are doomed to failure. This is especially true if the medication they need is insulin. These insulin-dependent patients have no other choice. If they can’t get the insulin they need, the outcome will always be bad.

This week, all of us at Diabetes in Control hope you will click on the link in order to add your support to Dr. Desi Schatz’s quest to help lower insulin costs. I got to know Dr. Schatz when I served as president of the Tampa Bay Chapter of JDRF. He would come down from Gainesville, FL to help us raise funds for diabetes research, and he always spent time with the families of children with diabetes, explaining things to them and helping them. Please click on the link and help Dr. Schatz help all patients.

Dave Joffe