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Nov. 27, 2018

Nov 27, 2018

Last week, I got a new update of software for my Stages power meter. The Stages is a device that is milled into the left crank arm (what the pedal is screwed into) of my bike. This device measures the power (as wattage) that I create when I am on my road bike. I know that you are wondering why a non-professional rider would need such a high-tech device. The reason is that I want to maximize what I can accomplish and learn how best to use the ability I have.

This idea is also the reason that more and more patients who have diabetes are using CGM devices. We all know they are perfect for patients who have type 1 diabetes and those with more complex treatment strategies, such as those who require multiple injections, but now we are seeing a lot more patients overall maximizing their own care with CGM.

Check out this week’s Homerun Slides to understand firsthand the clinical and personal benefits of using continuous glucose monitors.

Dave Joffe