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Newly FDA-Approved Basal Insulin/GLP-1 Combination Medications

Jun 3, 2017

Basal insulin/GLP-1 combination medications versus each therapy separately for patients with type 2 diabetes: the combination medications are associated with all of the following properties EXCEPT:


Explanation: The goal of combining the two drugs is to maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects of each. Both GLP-1 agonists and basal insulin lead to impressive A1c reductions on their own, but they each have their limits. In particular, injecting insulin can come with the accompanied risk of hypoglycemia. But combining basal insulin with a GLP-1 agonist leads to less hypoglycemia and therefore the opportunity for larger improvements in glucose control with less fear of hypoglycemia.

In addition, with GLP-1 agonist/basal insulin combinations, the weight loss seen with GLP-1 agonists should offset the weight gain that is common with basal insulin. Meanwhile, patients typically experience less nausea with the combination, since the GLP-1 dose can be lower. Finally, a combination product offers the convenience of one daily injection rather than two.  -- Diabetes In Control July 16, 2016