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New Smartphone Medical Application: UChek Urinalysis

Mar 7, 2013

Getting a urine test can be done at home for as little as 99 cents and a smartphone….

Using uChek can help patients and doctors detect the presence of up to 25 conditions such as diabetes and urinary tract infections.

The urine test iPhone app works by combining a standard urinalysis dipstick kit with smartphone technology. First you collect a urine sample in a cup, and dip the paper test strip in the sample for two seconds. Next, slide the urine-soaked strip into a color-coded mat that comes with the uChek pack. The urinalysis strip contains chemicals that gradually change color if your urine contains high concentrations of substances related to any of the medical conditions. Taking a photo of the urine strip with the uChek smartphone app allows the iPhone to quickly and accurately analyze the image to give a concise reading of your urine sample. It then stores your history of the urine test so that you are able to view trends over time.

Patients using uChek are able to be more aware of their body and health conditions. It can also help cut down on cost, doctor visits, and make healthcare more accessible.