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New Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Diagnostic Criteria Needed

Apr 25, 2013

An increased number of follicles per ovary is a more reliable gauge than the current number used….

Authors of a new study state that the decade old diagnostic threshold criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome needs to be updated. Currently a diagnosis of PCOS is associated with a follicle number per ovary (FNPO) of 12, now the authors feel a more accurate diagnosis can be given with FNPO of 26.

An increasing number of women with regular menstrual cycles are being diagnosed with PCOS. This increase in the diagnosis has sparked the need for a change in the diagnosis criteria.

The study enrolled 98 women with PCOS, oligo-amenorrhea and hyperandrogenism, and 70 women with regular cycles and no hyperandrogenism. The study found the best compromise was a FNOP of 26 when comparing the two groups of women via ultrasound.

This study found that women with the manifestation of PCOS experiencing, oligo-amenorrhea and hyperandrogenism, were best diagnosed with an average value of 26 or more follicles per ovary. This is a reliable threshold for detecting PCOS in women.

published online March 15 and in the May issue of Human Reproduction "PCOS: New Diagnostic Criteria Recommended."