My Medical

Sep 1, 2012

Hyrax, Inc.


My Medical tracks medical record information such as diagnoses, lab results, and medications.

It also tracks healthcare provider information such as insurance coverage information, advance directives, contact information, and office visit reminders. The app supports file export for sharing the information with others and backup functionality for the event that the device is damaged or lost. My Medical can maintain separate files for separate people, allowing one user to easily manage records for an entire group or family. 

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Generally positive feedback but not a lot of it yet. One user reports that, with her large medical history, the app has proved invaluable. Another fan uses it for her own medical history but has also adapted it for pets she fosters! Probably not exactly what the developer intended but a good indicator of the versatility and stability of the app. With the shift towards more and more medical data being online, good apps for our patients are becoming more and more important so this is probably worth the price for some patients with complex medical histories.

My Medical (iOS)

Not yet available for Android