My Healthy Habits

Jan 4, 2013

Indiana University Health


My Healthy Habits, an American Heart Association/Listen To Your Heart initiative, supported by Indiana University Health, helps patients easily build healthy habits into their daily routines.

With My Healthy Habits, patients can choose from a list of healthy behaviors like eating fruits and vegetables every day or getting more sleep every night. If they want to build a habit not listed in the app, My Healthy Habits even lets them create their own unique habits while tracking daily progress on an integrated calendar.

They can also get daily, friendly reminders to keep on track with the click of a button. And patients can share their healthy progress on Twitter and Facebook by posting updates directly from the app to get cheered on by friends.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Not yet available (but coming soon according to the website) in an Android format, this app has also not received enough reviews yet in its current iOS format to officially rate. However, iTunes does give it 4 stars indicating that those few who have used it have been generally positive.

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