Nov 29, 2013

iPatientCare, Inc.
iOS/Free Basic Version


The iPatientCare miEHR (mobile EHR) is a scaled-down version of iPatientCare’s full-featured EHR, and is meant to provide highly mobile healthcare providers with anywhere, anytime access to patients’ clinical records at the point-of-care. This system allows physicians to view a complete clinical summary of patients, write a quick script, and capture charges, all while making hospital rounds or visiting hospices. Updates such as refill requests, lab results, appointment lists, and messages are delivered in a secure manner. Clinicians will receive alerts for all new documents and tasks, even when they are not connected to the system. 

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

Generally positive reviews with some noting that the bugs in the past have been fixed. The iPatientCare website is becoming more widely used and the app is an extension of this popular website. A newer version of the app with more features will be available soon.