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MediSafe Virtual Pillbox

Mar 29, 2013

Medisafe Project
iOS and Android/Free


A unique free medication reminder uses cloud sync technology to send alerts to users’ family, friends, and caretakers when they miss a dose. The MediSafe Project 2.0 color codes adherence rates as a quick way for users to gauge their adherence to medications as prescribed. People who use this "electronic pillbox" had an average medication adherence rate of 79% — 29 points higher than the World Health Organization’s estimated average medication adherence of 50%. The statin adherence rate was 82.25%.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Positive reviews generally but with some technical problems mentioned, mostly to do with the timers. The developers seem to be taking the feedback very seriously however and are working on these issues.

Medisafe Virtual Pillbox iconiOS

Medisafe Virtual Pillbox Android