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Medipin® — to Detect Neuropathy

Early diagnosis of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy can be critical;

 Detect Loss of Protective Sensation (LOPS) earlier with 

MEDIPIN – the single use protected neurological pin designed to optimize pinprick perception without piercing delicate skin

The pinprick or sharp sensation test is acknowledged and recommended by the ADA as a useful and sensitive method of testing for Loss Of Protective Sensation and predicting serious complications associated with diabetes.(1,2)


Medipin is a unique single use cutaneous pinprick testing device. Its patented precision technology has been designed to enhance patient pinprick sensation response. Each Medipin has a short pyramid shaped point with highly defined edges and a flattened top intended to stretch rather than penetrate the skin surface. The point is surrounded by an annular ring to provide a contrasting perimeter of dull stimulation that further augments the sharp sensation created by the point and helps prevent skin puncture. The tab, which protects the point integrity until it is ready to be used, is designed to break away and can be used to conduct a two-point discrimination (6mm) test. The blunt end head of the Medipin is for comparison testing.  An FDA listed instrument, Medipin has been in regular use by US Doctors for many years, as well has having been employed successfully in quite a number of international medical studies.  For Medical Professionals the cost is less than 18 cents each.  Use it then provide it to your patient.  Also available in a convenient 12 pack with a year’s supply for one person. Discount code for a box of 100 units is Medipin25.

TESTING FOR EARLIER DETECTION OF LOSS OF PROTECTIVE SENSATION IN YOUR OWN PRACTICE: The professional examination procedure utilising an advanced pinprick technique and dedicated device for improved diagnosis of loss of protective sensation – Medipin 100 Count Box for clinical use –

TESTING AT HOME: Educate your patients with diabetes about home testing for peripheral neuropathy – Box of 12 for Home Use – the monthly Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin – why wait? Medipin 12 Count Box for a full year of home testing.

1) Boulton et al, Comprehensive Foot Examination And Risk Assessment, Diabetes Care, Vol 31, No 8, Aug 2008.

2) Abbott CA, Carrington AL, Ashe H, for the North-West Diabetes Foot Care Study. The North-West diabetes foot care study: incidence of, and risk factors for, new diabetic foot ulceration in a community- based patient cohort. Diabet Med. 2002;19:377-384.