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Medication Tracker/Reminder

Sep 4, 2012

iHealth Ventures LLC.
iOS/$1.99 and Android


From the developer: Medication Tracker/Reminder from iHealth is an easy to use medication management app to help you monitor and keep track of your Medications – your pills and vitamins.
Carry around iMedications in your iPhone or iPod Touch all the time to keep on top of your medications, to keep you healthy.

  • EASY and INTUITIVE interface for tracking Dosage, Frequency, Rx and Refill info.
  • MONITOR changes in medications over time. 
  • EMAIL and SHARE your Medications records with your Doctor. You can also email to yourself for backup and sharing.
  • DOSAGE history. 
  • Add Text NOTES to each log.
  • The LOG History display allows one to view all historic data.
  • No Internet Connection required , all data is stored locally for your Privacy and Security.
  • No monthly subscription fee (unlike other iphone apps)
  • Quick access to your data.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Despite the different names for this app, it’s the same company (iHealth) with the same advertising copy, and unfortunately similar poor reports from users in both iOS and Android reporting problems, and pleading for an upgrade!

Medication Tracker (iMedications) (iOS)

Medication Reminder (Android)